Cigar Coop Prime Time Show

Prime Time Jukebox Episode 23 Audio: The Led Zeppelin Victory Lap

November 17, 2020

Back this spring, Prime Time Jukebox curated a “Battle of the Bands” tournament featuring 32 musical acts and Led Zeppelin came out the winner. As promised, we have a show devoted to the winner of the band – so tonight it’s all Led Zeppelin! For this show, our special guest will be Seth Geise of Developing Palates.

We’ll explore the body of work of Led Zeppelin looking at our favorite tracks. We also will look at the inspirations and stories of these works.

During the show, Coop and Dave will smoke the La Aurora 107 Zeppelin and Seth will smoke the Oliva Serie V.

As always you can follow along with our Spotify Playlists:


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